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Who doesn't want to meet up with your girls for the Essence Festival and Coachella? Or even meeting up for corporate conferences and boss brunches in different cities. As women, there's so much more we can do on our own but there is so much more we can do together. From partnering up to generate a new stream of revenue to offering emotional support to drive the motivation needed to fulfill your dreams; that is what this is.​

Our mission to educate and empower women with the resources and confidence necessary to thrive in today's society. We strive to build supportive communities and provide opportunities for women through the development of programs that contribute to the personal, professional, spiritual and financial development of our members. We build value in women to ultimately rebuild value to our communities. The goal is to help each member achieve their desired success.

The mean girl era is over! We believe that women are better when we collaborate versus compete. Despite our differences, we all share common goals and opposition. We don't always have to agree but hopefully, we can all agree that it's time to come together and strengthen our sisterhood.

As a member of the Queendom, we simply ask that you stay engaged with the group. That means conversing with everyone on social media and attending your favorite events. You all add value to the Queendom with your questions, advice, ideas, and your presence. You may have the answer to another Queen’s problem and we may have answers to yours. We are all here to water each other’s growth. 

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